Advertising and Sponsorships

Your company’s support of the Preparedness Summit is vital for the continuation of excellence for this meeting. Be involved with educational sessions, networking receptions or promotions to maximize brand exposure and increase your booth traffic.


Exhibitor Learning Session | $4,000

By hosting your own exhibitor session, you can reach attendees in an educational manner. You get your own room for 1 hour to present a topic of interest to attendees —not a sales pitch, but a helpful discussion of your solution, involving participation by your clients. These session descriptions are listed in the official schedule and mobile app.

To help market this session, you will also receive:

  • Description in program and mobile app
  • Push alert through meeting app to remind attendees on day of event

Please note:  As a session sponsor, you agree to provide your workshop title, description, and list of presenters to the planning committee chair for review and approval. All sponsored sessions must feature a presenter working in the field of public health and representing a local, state, federal, or academic perspective.


Public Health “TED” style talk Session  | $1,500                  

Join a unique and refreshing educational session format at Preparedness Summit - Host your own 10 minute TED style talk.  There will be 5 TED style talks scheduled during this session. Attendees can enjoy a quick and fascinating educational session in this popular format.  You provide the teaser information that can draw attendees to your booth for more information.


Lanyards |$6,000                           

Place your company logo on the official Preparedness Summit 2019 lanyard to be attached to the badge holder worn by all conference attendees.

“You Are Here” Locator Display |$3,000 each    

Located on the main floor these displays provide a quick view of the conference center layout and identify locations of various services. As a sponsor, your custom graphics are on the lower display panel (approx. 3’ x 8’) and backlit to increase visibility.

Hotel Room Keys| $1,500                          

Place you custom graphics on the Marriott hotel room key. Additional hotel fees and production costs apply.

Directional Signage| 4 available | $1,000

Include your company graphics on (1) Preparedness Summit 2018 directional sign used to help attendees navigate the hotel. Each sign measure 1 meter wide x 3 meters tall. Sponsors have one ENTIRE side/panel for your graphics.

Scavenger Hunt | $1,500

This exhibit hall activity is both a fun networking activity and exhibit booth traffic driver where everyone is a winner! Attendees must visit your booth to scan a QR code on a sign branded with your logo using the mobile app in order to win prizes. Drive traffic to your booth as well as increase your brand exposure with this unique game. Each sponsor’s logo will appear on the signs at the exhibit hall entrances and on all marketing of the game.

Networking Events

Exhibitor Hospitality Events                                      $5,000.00          

By hosting your own hospitality event, you can capitalize on our venue to facilitate networking with attendees.  You get your own room for 2 evening hours on Wednesday, March 27 (100 people capacity).  To help market this event, you will also receive:

  • Description in program
  • Information in an official Preparedness Summit Eblast prior to the meeting to invite attendees to your event.
  • Push alert through meeting app to remind attendees on day of event
  • Onsite signage


Custom E-blast Only | 4 Available $1,500 (current exhibitor) $2,000 (not exhibiting)

Send your custom message and graphics out to all attendees prior to the Summit with a custom email banner/message in an official Preparedness Summit eblast.

App—Landing Page Ad | Only 1 Available $1,200 (current exhibitor) $2,000 (not exhibiting)

Attendees search for sessions, see updates instantly, and communicate with each other through social media on the APP. Attendees will see the flash landing page first – each time that they open the app. Your custom graphics will appear on this page.

App—Push Notifications | $400

Send out a text alert to each attendee through the app! This alert will pop up on each attendee’s phone, if they have downloaded the app. The text is limited to 100 characters. Remind attendees to stop by your booth, announce a raffle or showcase a product demonstration time

For more information on becoming an exhibitor or sponsor, review the prospectus.

Or please contact:
Danielle Frisby, Exhibits & Sponsorship Manager 301-200-4616 ext 105