Why Exhibit

Why Exhibit

The 2020 Preparedness Exhibit Hall is an integral part of the meeting. You will find nearly 1,900 interested preparedness professionals searching for the resources and products from companies like yours. Ninety-five percent (95%) of 2019 Preparedness Summit attendees agreed that they learned about resources and tools to improve their work in disaster preparedness. Don’t miss the opportunity to put your product and services in front of the industry leaders and decision makers. exhibits_-_onsite_exposure_graphic.png

Emergency Simulation

  • Showcase your consulting services through an interactive simulation involving attendee volunteers around a public health emergency.

Lead Generation

  • Increase your exposure to preparedness professionals with significant purchasing power or interested in attaining higher education and credentials.

Product Demonstrations

  • Give your potential clients hands-on access to your current and new products.

Industry Awareness

  • Discover what trends and issues your customers are discussing in the preparedness community.

Policy Comprehension

  • Understand the policy issues that are being discussed within government circles.

On-Site Exposure

  • 89% of attendees thought the summit was conducive to peer exchange and networking.
  • 93% of attendees intended to share information learned at the summit with peers and colleagues.
  • 90% of attendees thought the Summit helped improve their knowledge of current policy areas in public health and healthcare preparedness.

For more information on becoming an exhibitor or sponsor, contact:
Danielle Frisby, Exhibits & Sponsorship Manager 301-200-4616 (ext 105)