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Public Health Initiative – Awareness related to overweight and poor nutrition

The various initiatives that have been developed and implemented by the nation can be categorized into population level initiatives and public level initiatives and interventions.

The population level interventions are specifically based on the enhancement of the health of the people of the nation, and as such an important aspect that is considered to be a key component of the same is that of awareness related to obesity and overweight (Mackerras, 2009). However, to hier anyone to write my essay on public health is always a good option for students.

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There are various components to this particular strategy or initiative and the same have been highlighted in the graphical representation above. The analysis of the same need to be conducted on the basis of three basic aspects – objectives, policy implementation, and future sustenance of the same (Olsen and Heitmann, 2009).

The primary objective of the development of the strategy is to ensure that the population of the country remains healthy and are protected from the adverse impacts of health conditions such as obesity and overweight. The main idea is to prevent the occurrence of the same at early stages so that the population of the country is benefitted, and there is also lesser pressure on the government of the nation (Kelly et al. 2008). Based on the same, there have been the formulations of various sub strategies which are regarded to be useful for the attainment of the planned objectives. This is one of the main reasons as to why this particular initiative has also been divided into smaller strategies in order to ensure better health conditions for the people of the nation. When looking for someone to write my essay for me on topics like public health, always rely on experts.

From a policy implementation point of view, the leadership of the nation aims at achieving consensus among all sections of the population irrespective of whether they belong to urban areas or rural areas. An important feature of the implementation is the consideration for including physical activities among children of different age groups. The government focuses on effective implementation of the planned strategies that requires the voluntary participation of different agents of the community or population (, 2014). The policies of healthy food consumption and physical activities are perceived to be complemented by the stand of the government to reduce the availability and promotion of food products that are considered to have an adverse effect on the health, especially among young children and young adults (). At the same time, policies related to regulation of advertisements and improvement of the education and information frameworks related to the adverse impacts of obesity seem to be in alignment with the objectives of the nation. A brilliant paper writing service online Is the best way to get pre-written essays on public health.

As far as the future sustenance of the same is concerned the first thought that would come to the minds of the people is that how can the sense emergency be instilled in a new ruling party voted to power after expiry of current tenures. The answer to the question can be expected to lie in the fact that government of Australia, irrespective of the political color, would continue to support public health and public health policies in the nation (Kelly et al. 2008).

As in the case of any public policies and strategies, the concerned public health strategy in this case is also regarded to be accompanied with challenges and issues.

The first being presented by the fact that business organisations based on the production and provision of food and beverages contribute to a significant portion of the country’s GDP. At the same time, they are also help responsible for obesity and government initiatives are aimed at reducing their influence on children and young population, who constitute a major portion of their customer segment. In the long run, the same will have an impact on the revenue generation of the country (Cali and Caprio, 2008). custom essay writer can write stunning essays on public health for students.