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Obesity Trends and Patterns of Obesity across Population

As with any other country, the health of the people of the nation is one of the main primary concerns for the government of Australia and the current trend in increase in the number of obese people across the nation is a major cause of worry (Booth et al. 2006). Not only have the adult citizens of the nation been observed to be affected by the health condition, what is more alarming is the fact that increasing number of children are falling prey to the same. If you are in search for some one to really  write my essay on public health than writing service online is the best option.

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In Australia, the issue of obesity has been well established by the findings of National Health Survey in 2004-2005. The same indicated that nearly half of the total population of the country self reported being overweight and obese. The study found more than 7.4 million adult citizens to be obese and overweight. What has been alarming observation is the fact that in the year 2004-2005 close to three in every 10 children or young people in Australia had been found to be obese or overweight (Allman-Farinelli et al. 2007). The same figures in 2013 by Australian Institute of Health and Wellness have highlighted that three in five Australian adults are obese or overweight and the same related to children and young people highlighted that one in every four Australian children or youngsters have been observed to be overweight or obese. If you read this blog fully you will not need to ask anyone to do my paper on public health.

Increase in the percentage of people who are overweight or obese has been increasing at an alarming rate. In the year 1989-1990 the percentage of obese or overweight adults in the nation was reported to be roughly 4.6 million. In the year 1995 the same had been reported to be 5.4 million, which increased to 6.6 million in the year 2001. By the year 2004-2005 the same figure had increased to 7.4 million people, leading to the fact that obesity and overweight are today considered to be the most important concern to be addressed by the nation (, 2014). Children and young adults are the ones to be particularly affected by the situation. This has been specifically observed in the percentage of the young people considered overweight and obese. In early 1960’s roughly 5% of the young population of the nation had been found to be overweight or obese, which has increased to an astounding 25% in the recent years (2014). However, An essay writing service pocesses experts to write paper on public health.

The same study indicates that more than half of the citizens of the country are overweight and especially males are more likely to be obese or overweight than in the case of female citizens of the nation. It has also been observed that there is a very thin line between being overweight and obese.

An important indicator of obesity in case of the population of the nation is BMI (body mass index) which have been observed to steadily increase over the years, especially among young children ready to enter into adulthood. As far as the average weight of the population of the country is concerned, it has been seen that the same have been increasing from 0.5 kilogram to 1 kilogram for the last 20 years in the country. If any writer is required by you to write my paper for me on nursing than find best writers online.

A rising and alarming trend that has been observed across Australia is the increasing number of obese people in the nation. The same has been regarded as the primary cause of concern to public health and public health services as because obesity is associated with a number of side effects and diseases.

These facts and figures have been the basis of this academic presentation as overweight and obesity are associated with various ailments. The fact that the same has been increasing among the population of the nation over the years makes it important to be able to identify the implications and the actions that are taken to address this very important issue of public health in the nation. Do check this words to minutes converter app to count words of your public health essay.