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Always submit your ESA Letter for Housing before you take your ESA in a Rented house | 2021 Guide 



A landlord cannot require a letter from a physician. A great pyrenees physician may provide an ESA letter to you. However, in most cases, a licensed mental health professional should submit a letter to you.





  1. Emotional support animals mean that your animal provides you emotional support and maintains your mental health.

  2. siamese cat  health therapist understands your needs and treatment.

A landlord can reject your ESA:

  •         If your ESA is too large.

  •         If there are only four units or less in the building you are moving in.

  •         If the house is rented without a realtor.

  •         If the animal causes an unnecessary financial burden to the owner

  •         If the calico cat animal is aggressive and is capable of harming others in the building, or it has already harmed others.

If your landlord rejects your ESA, you will have to ask them to write a formal letter regarding this rejection. You will write back to them in an email that you provided all the necessary documentation for an emotional support animal. You have to write back that they are rejecting a reasonable accommodation request.

You can inform them that you will complain to the HUD for open discrimination of your disability.

Please note, that an ESA letter for maltipoo  is necessary if you want to move in an apartment with you ESA

Why do you need an ESA letter?

A landlord under no circumstances can deny you the right to accommodation. A valid ESA letter means that you are allowed to live and fly with your pet. Under the Fair Housing Act, emotional support animals are given the right to have access to housing facilities. In addition to this, if any owner has a no-pet policy, he or she cannot charge an extra fee from the ESA owner.

An ESA owner will be exempted from such conditions. But make sure you have a legit ESA letter. This means that you have to first visit a certified mental health physician. Get your condition assessed and then if the doctor deems it fit, you will qualify for the emotional support animal letter. Always remember that it is the qualifying condition that decides whether or not you will qualify for an ESA. For example, if you have depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc, you can certainly get an emotional support animal. It is worth noticing that a letter should be printed on the letterhead of the health clinic.

The condition should be clearly mentioned in the letter and it should also have the license no of the mental health physician. Once all these things are taken care of and you are ready to get an apartment with your dog. Go and visit the apartment owner, show him the letter, and talk to him politely about your condition. Also, don’t forget to mention that an ESA will help you overcome the mental health condition. This and the ESA letter will do the job and you will live with your emotional support animal happily.

So, if you have an ESA sheepadoodle  and you have a legitimate ESA letter for your dog, you can easily move in an apartment with ‘no pets rules’.

However, there are a few exceptions as to the rejection of a letter by the landlord. The following are the circumstances that can convince your landlord to reject your ESA letter.

  1. Some landlords are not bound by FHA/HUD laws and do not have to accept ESAs at all

  1. Reasonable Accommodation is all that is required by any landlord. so if the animal in question is too big or a farm animal in residential zoning or a breed that would cause the landlord's insurance costs to go up considerably they do not have to allow the ESA.

  2. Your letter is not written by your local instate treating mental health professional on office letterhead stating you have an eligible diagnosis listed in the DSM and that the ESA is part of your ongoing treatment.

  3. Your ESA letter is more than a year old and or you do not have a current health certificate/ required licensing/ shot records for the animal.

This is all about the importance of ESA letters. But remember! Only your therapist, Doctor, or other licensed professional can issue you an ESA letter. So, do not fall prey to those who offer you an online ESA letter. There is no way they can do that.





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