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Implications of Rising Obesity Levels to public health and Public Health Services

There are several implications of the rising levels of obesity to public health and the provision of public health services.

The first and the foremost important aspect that needs to be highlighted is the fact that increases in weight and obesity has a direct effect on the fitness levels of individuals in the country. Fitness is associated with a normal and healthy lifestyle and the impact of the same will not only lead to adverse effects for individuals, but the same will also lead to increased pressure on the government to be able to provide effective and efficient health services to the population of the nation (Hattersley et al. 2007). Have you ever asked a writer to write my essay on public health, if not give it a try for public health essay.

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It has been highlighted by Australian Institute of Health and Wellness that if the current trend continues then in another 10 years, majority of the population of the nation will be overweight and obese. At the same time, an alarming fact is that increasing number of children and young adults have been observed to become overweight and obese, who will be one of the main reasons behind an obese population in the nation. If you want to hier a writer to write essay for me on public health , find writers onine.

The implications arising out of excessive weight gain and obesity can be highlighted on two fronts – public health and the impact on the government.

From a public health point of view, increase in weight and obesity is a critical factor that can lead to many adverse medical conditions. Obesity is directly associated with diabetes and it is important that the implications to public health be identified at an early stage. Diabetes is regarded to be the cause for a number of diseases and ailments and at chronic stages, the same leads to organ failures (Zuppa et al. 2003). Obesity is also linked with cardio-vascular diseases that cause disruption in the circulation of blood in the body, causing various heart ailments (Dixon et al. 2006). Obesity is also responsible for osteoarthritis, which affects motion among human individuals. Another affect that obesity has on the human body is that it causes various forms of cancer such as colorectal cancer, breast cancer, uterine and also kidney cancer (Kelly et al. 2008). It needs to be specified, that these are various long term effects of obesity on the human body and eradication of the same is an important factor.

From the impact on the government point of view, these will lead to a situation of serious health problems in the nation in case the current trend and patterns are continued to prevail. In such a scenario, expenditure behind public health and the treatment of people is also expected to increase substantially (Kelly et al. 2008). Find"write my paper" on google and you will find amazing writers to write on this topic.

Thus, it becomes important to focus on the prevention of such a situation through the development of appropriate policies and strategies aimed at reducing obesity.

Response of Australian Public Health on Obesity

National strategies aimed at addressing issue of obesity in Australia

With respect to ensuring better health conditions for the people of the nation, there are various strategies that have been formulated and implemented by the country. A few of the same have been comprehensively mentioned here. You can also pay someone to write my paper if you are a student of public health.

Prioritizing supply of lower risk products – one of the most important strategies that have been developed by the country related to the enhancement of supply of lower risk products in the country in order to ensure that the population focuses on consumption of healthier products. In other words, regulation of the supply of higher risk products in the nations leads to an increase in the prices of these commodities (, 2014). This is expected to act as a deterrent to the population resulting in reduction in the consumption of these commodities in the nation (Chapman et al. 2006). Just to inform you that you can make good use of transition words and phrases in your essay when writing.